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Quality Management

Entech Engineering personnel are trained in the federal and state air quality control regulations and test procedures that include the Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA), the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), and the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (LDEQ) testing and laboratory methods. Our personnel are familiar with procedures detailed in the EPA Code of Federal Regulations, the TCEQ Sampling Procedures Manual, the LDEQ's Source Test Manual, and other states' regulations. Entech Engineering personnel attend courses that certify employees for reading visible emissions and seminars that update our personnel on new regulations. This training and the constant updating on environmental information and technical advances keep our employees abreast of the latest changes in the environmental field. Entech Engineering personnel work closely with government agencies such as the EPA, TCEQ, and LDEQ to ensure that all testing protocols and codes follow each agency's requirements. In addition to environmental testing, Entech Engineering personnel are familiar with a wide variety of ASME and/or ASTM Test Methods for combustion sources and ISO Methods for environmental testing overseas.

Besides technical training of personnel, Entech Engineering also considers occupational safety and personnel protection of high importance in the corporate culture. Entech Engineering personnel routinely attend safety courses at the independent contractors' safety presentations and at the plant sites. All Entech Engineering field personnel are required to pass pulmonary, fit, hearing, and annual physical tests and basic training (HAZCOM) for working at an industrial site. Personnel working at the hazardous waste facilities, such as BIF or hazardous waste incineration facilities, are also required to pass the HAZWOPER training courses. Additionally, drug screening and substance abuse control is mandatory for all employees; employees are required to pass pre-employment and random drug tests and obtain DOT motor transportation cards as required by some clients in the transport industry.