Mobile Test Trailers

Entech Engineering operates twelve sixteen-foot and twenty-foot test-trailers with CEMS for monitoring gaseous constituents: NOX, CO, CO2, SO2, O2, and THC. All continuous monitoring instruments and sample handling systems are mounted in the self-contained mobile laboratory.

Instruments are mounted on a metal console panel while sample acquisition and handling systems are mounted immediately behind the console. The entire system requires only connection to power and sample-lines to become fully operational. Each trailer also contains a work area where wet chemical analysis and/or data reductions are conducted. This work area is also used to conduct meetings and day-to-day review of test plans and results. Cylinders of certified calibration gas are positioned along the trailer walls in the upright position. All data acquisition, handling, and analysis can be done on-site in the mobile laboratory.

Other sampling and/or analysis equipment - gas chromatograph, spectrophotometer, analytical balance, wet chemistry apparatus, etc. - may be added to the trailer as needed.